Lindley investigating Huari civilization’s influence in Pachacamac, an archeological site south of Lima, Peru as part of his research for the novel "Antarki, Superhero of the Americas: Clash of the Descendants"

About the Author

J. Eddie Lindley was born in Lima, Peru. As a child, Lindley voraciously read novels, graphic novels, and history books, sometimes choosing to stay at home reading superheroes' graphic novels rather than going out to play. Reading about ancient civilizations, medieval times, and the Renaissance led to his decision to travel the world. His first trip was to New York when he was still a teenager where he lived for several years and earned his Bachelor of Arts. Following his childhood dreams, he traveled extensively visiting over thirty countries and some of the most important archaeological sites in the world.

At the present time J. Eddie Lindley lives just outside of Atlanta, GA. with his wife Millie.