The total eclipse and why it’s important to Antarki and the rest of the descendants

For those who already red the first seven chapters of the novel this isn’t news. For the rest of you, spoiler alert!

On August 21 I went to a small town in northern Georgia called Clayton in order to watch the total eclipse. I did this not only because I, like many people, expected it to be an awesome cosmic spectacle but also because I wanted to be able to describe what it felt like to be exposed to a total eclipse in future Antarki Superhero of the Americas’ books. Why? Because an eclipse has a negative impact on the novel’s superheroes and super-villain’s powers.

I’m not going to reveal more as I don’t want to ruin it for you!

By the way, what are you waiting for? The first seven chapters are free!

Go read them!

The eclipse started.
Suddenly the sky was covered with clouds!
Then the miracle happened! The clouds dissipated just at the last minute and I was able to capture this beautiful picture of the total eclipse!

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